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Is Jerky Direct a Real Business?

In the world of multi-level marketing (MLM), there are some scam businesses that you need to look out for. These businesses are aimed at creating a business that is one sided that ultimately benefits the people at the top exponentially more than it really benefits the people starting out at the bottom level. The entry level for Jerky Direct pays you 20% on your retail sales through the company replicated site. You also make 10% commission on your 1st level representatives you personally sign up. This is more then what most companies pay. There is more to the compensation plan then this and we will be discussing that later.

Real Business With Quality Products

This MLM business may have caught your eye for several reasons, low start-up cost, you like jerky and you believe in quality products made in the USA.

Make money in the Jerky Direct Business Opportunity
Make money in the Jerky Direct Business Opportunity – Work From Home Business

The first clue with indications that Jerky Direct is not a pyramid scheme or a here today and gone tomorrow company is their  but in fact a real business. They have a wholesale and retail division for their business where they make jerky for resale in stores across the United States. The MLM part of the business is just a small part of their overall sales. Any business that focuses completely on the money you can make or how to rope additional people in, and doesn’t actually focus much on the actual product they’re selling is probably not a great opportunity.

Jerky Direct Business With Quality Products

But Jerky Direct is selling a great product, and the founder of the company spent years in the study of the dried meat industry. The products are free of preservatives and other additives. Many of the jerky items they offer are free of MSG and there are organic options as well. If it weren’t a real company, there is absolutely no way they’d be investing in that type of quality in their products. It would be much cheaper and easier to package a cheap and tasteless beef jerky and then try to get people to sell it. Instead, they’ve put the focus on quality.

100% all Natural Meat For   The Jerky Direct Business
100% All Natural Jerky Meat – Great Tasting Beef, Buffalo, Turkey and Chicken Jerky
No Pressure Start-up

Another big indicator that can show you that Jerky Direct is a legitimate business opportunity is the low start-up costs and no pressure system. If a company is trying to make money simply by lining up more and more levels of a pyramid, there is going to be pressure to stay in the game. For example, you may have to spend $100 or even more to get started. This means that if you don’t sell all of the product, you lose a lot of money. You may also have to sign a contract for several months.

With Jerky Direct, there is none of that pressure. You can start by buying only $12 worth of product. There’s no contract and no real obligation to even sell the product. What does this mean? Jerky Direct gives you a very low cost and basically risk-free way to test the MLM waters.

This low pressure setup gives a very clear answer to the question: “is Jerky Direct a real business?” The answer is yes! Jerky Direct is a real business and it’s one of the best MLM systems available to us. The quality product and no pressure system combine with great compensation and free marketing tools to make this a virtually risk free way to start up a business.

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